Pizza Day. 

Me, wondering whether I should pay for Rooby to participate in weekly Pizza Day at school: Rooby, do your friends eat pizza on Pizza Day, and do you want to eat pizza too?

Rooby: Well, on Wednesday we have Pizza Day, and after that we have Chocolate Milk Day. 

Me: And do a lot of your friends have pizza and chocolate milk on those days?

Rooby: Yes, but not me, because we don’t celebrate those days. 


Rooby: Baba, you’re not making the kind of fort I want to make. Are you making the kind of fort I like or the kind of fort YOU like? Well, I kind of like this kind of fort…. I now like two kinds of forts: one with two chairs and one with three chairs.

D: Should we come up with names for the different kinds?

Rooby: Yes. This kind is called “Ardea Herodias.” The kind with two chairs we will call a “tent.”


Me: At some point today, Rooby, we’re going to bathe you. 

Rooby, suspiciously: What is “bathe”?

Me: “Bathe you” means “give you a bath.”

Rooby: Oh. I thought you meant “give me away.”


Rooby to D when he tried to have a conversation about the ethics of fibbing in order to manipulate people: “Baba, you’re not the teacher of me.”

Rooby to D when he resorted to pointing out (erroneously, of course) that “superheroes don’t lie”: “Well, I don’t have my costume on right now.”