Rooby to D when he tried to have a conversation about the ethics of fibbing in order to manipulate people: “Baba, you’re not the teacher of me.”

Rooby to D when he resorted to pointing out (erroneously, of course) that “superheroes don’t lie”: “Well, I don’t have my costume on right now.”


Rooby, responding to my assertion that I don’t have any particular desire for dessert: I think all people should have dessert, even grown ups. 

Me: Oh?

Rooby: Yes. And dogs too. And cats, and other animals, and all the things that live on this planet, except the ones that don’t have faces. 


D: What do you want for breakfast?

Rooby: I want a waffle that’s NOT BURNED. 

D: Ok…

Rooby: You know what?

D: What?

Rooby: A few weeks ago, Mama made one waffle that was really not burned!

Good ideas. 

Rooby: Do you want to know something? I’ll whisper it to your ear.

Me: Ok.

Rooby: [whispering] You’re a stinker.

Me: Hmm. Do you want to hear my idea?

Rooby: Yes.

Me: [whispering] You’re a stinker.

Rooby: Well, I have a very good idea.

Me: What is it?

Rooby: [whispering] You are a very. Big. Stinker.

Me: I have an even better idea.

Rooby: What?

Me: [whispering] You are an even bigger stinker.

Rooby: I have an idea that’s good for both of us.

Me: Oh?

Rooby: [whispering] The house is a stinker. 

Me: I think you’re right.

Rooby: And we’re both rascals!


Rooby: I made you a necklace!

Me: I love it! It’s beautiful.

Rooby: It has a pattern. See?

Me: Oh?

Rooby: It goes orange, blue, orange, pink, pink, pink, dark pink, dark pink, pink, dark pink, green, green, pink, green, blue, dark pink.