Rooby: Mom, pretend I was a kitty and you found me under this blanket with all of these toys.

Me, peering under blanket: Oh, look at this kitty under here with all of these toys.

Rooby: Meow! Meow! Pretend you knew I liked to drink water so you named me Water-Likes.

Me: I can tell you like to drink water, so I’ll call you Water-Likes.

Rooby: Meow!

Me: Good Water-Likes.

Rooby, holding up John Lennon figure missing a hand: Pretend you saw this and his hand was with my parents who were killed.

Me: Oh, kitty, your John is missing a hand. Is it with your parents who were killed?

Rooby: Meow meow! Pretend that means yes.

Me: How sad.

Rooby, snuggling under the covers: Pretend I was making myself at home.

Me: Oh look, you’re making yourself at home. Would you like to live here with us, kitty?

Rooby: Meow meow meow! Ha, I tooted.

Me: Yes, I can tell.

Rooby: Can you smell it?

Me: Yes.

Rooby: Pretend I’m a tootster. That’s someone who toots.

Me: You sure are.

Rooby: It’s like a toaster, but different.

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