In my bed, first thing in the morning. 

Rooby: You know what? My tummy is very hungry.

Me: What’s it so hungry for?

Rooby: Oatmeal. And you know what else?

Me: What?

Rooby: Also, my tummy kind of hurts.

Me: Hurts how?

Rooby: Hurts from being so hungry, because you don’t give me enough food.

Me: Well, that’s funny, because we feed you all day long.

Rooby: But you did not feed me all night.

Me: In the middle of the night?

Rooby: Yes. Someone should bring me bread in case I am hungry in the night.

Me: But what if we’re all sleeping?

Rooby: Well, someone in our family should be a baker.

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