Day out in NYC. 

At the Cooper Hewitt museum, during a nice day out in the city. 

Me: Wow, that’s really nice. What is that?

Rooby: It’s a picture. 

Me: Ah, yes. But what is it a picture of?

Rooby: You and me and Popo. See my face? I’m very sad. 

Me: Why are you very sad?

Rooby: [grunt] House. 

Me: You’re very sad because we dragged you out of the house and made you do fun things in the city?

Rooby: Yes. I’m very sad because you dragged me out of the house. And all I want to do is watch TV. 

Me: We look very happy to be making you so miserable. 

Rooby: Here, mom. Will you write it for me?

Me: What should I write?

Rooby: “Dear Mom, Please do not ever do that again. Love, Ruby.”

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