Good ideas. 

Rooby: Do you want to know something? I’ll whisper it to your ear.

Me: Ok.

Rooby: [whispering] You’re a stinker.

Me: Hmm. Do you want to hear my idea?

Rooby: Yes.

Me: [whispering] You’re a stinker.

Rooby: Well, I have a very good idea.

Me: What is it?

Rooby: [whispering] You are a very. Big. Stinker.

Me: I have an even better idea.

Rooby: What?

Me: [whispering] You are an even bigger stinker.

Rooby: I have an idea that’s good for both of us.

Me: Oh?

Rooby: [whispering] The house is a stinker. 

Me: I think you’re right.

Rooby: And we’re both rascals!

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