Me: Do you want some dried cranberries?

Rooby: [blank look]

Me: Cranberry raisins. 

Rooby: Yes! I mean no: I want plain cranberries. 

Me: Plain cranberries? Like, not dried into raisins?

Rooby: Yes. 

Me: Well, the thing about cranberries is that they taste better when they’re dried and sweetened; plain, they are very sour. 

Rooby: [looks somewhere between skeptical and disappointed]

Me: I’m going into the kitchen. You let me know what you want. 

[A couple minutes later, Rooby joins me in the kitchen.]

Rooby: Mom, I would like some dried cranberry raisins, because I hear you telling me that plain cranberries are very sour. 

Me: Good choice. 

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