New graduate course: Forms of Thought.

angels in machines

One of the last things I did with my sabbatical year was write up a proposal for exactly the kind of graduate course I always fantasized about offering “post-tenure.” It was approved by my department last week!

Forms of Thought: (New) Critical Thinking and Writing

Description and objectives:

How diverse is the current ecosystem of intellectual activity? This question has recently been asked in a number of fields of literary and cultural studies scholarship, not for the first time, but with some new measures of diversity. In particular, proponents of a “new formalism” have launched a broad critique of the overwhelming dominance of historicist methodologies since the last decade of the twentieth century. In a 2000 special issue of Modern Language Quarterly calling for a “new formalism,” Susan J. Wolfson urged a new commitment to “reading for form,” meaning both a mode of reading the recognizes the work of form…

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