[I spend the morning making curried squash soup.]

Me: Try some soup.

Rooby: Nope.

Me: Just try it. You like soup.

Rooby: No. I don’t want to.

Me: That’s all the lunch I’m making. You should at least try it.

Rooby: [refuses, etc.]


[Enough time elapses that I have given up on feeding my child lunch. I’m in another room reading the newspaper.]

Rooby, coming up to me: Tell me something.

Me: Tell you what?

Rooby: Tell me what I just did.

Me, suspiciously: What did you just do?

Rooby, whispering in my ear: I tried my soup.

Me: You did? I’m so proud of you! What did you think?

Rooby, happily: It was really bad!

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