i am part of a secret team returning from a mission involving the death of a high-profile female official

the last part of the mission has me navigating an Alice in Wonderland–themed manufactured experience, swimming my way toward or down a flight of stairs toward an elevator to a submarine

at the end of the mission, we all stop in to say hello to my grandfather at the nursing home

(one of the team members asks, do they know? and we confirm that The World knows about the death of the official but not our involvement, or even existence)

and as we rise to leave i turn and say, Bye Grandpa!, and turning back toward the exit i think, what a strange dream this must seem to him, to see me, a person he knew to be a child, as an adult

and then walking through the door i think, what a strange dream it is to be me, a grown person who was once a whole child

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