there are exotic birds in the garage and backyard, one like something between a pheasant and a flamingo, i’m trying to show an apprehensive R that it will just move away if you step toward it because “it’s big but we’re bigger” which in her case is not exactly true

and there are also tarantulas, two of them, one black one brown striped, wrestling or knotted up, and R is not afraid of these so i try not to let on that i am and move us further into the yard

is it okay to be barefoot, to allow one’s child to be barefoot in a backyard in “tarantula territory”

the brown one moves out onto the patio, they move a lot and fast, and i see it’s wearing finger puppets — two, a cop and a robber, held up on opposite legs, it’s a joke, see, because they’re on one body, everywhere the robber goes the cop stays equidistantly behind

it’s a funny tarantula

which is still scary

and headed for the neighbor’s yard

2 thoughts on “dream

  1. I am always happy when there is a post from you, and this one is just right for today. Maybe I’ll start saying “Holy tarantula with finger puppets” rather than “holy s**t”. That should cement my reputation for eccentricity!

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