My first book.

My first book, The Day When I Ran Away, was written in 1983, the year I turned six. I wrote and illustrated it; my mom typed up the manuscript, made photocopies, and bound one hard-cover copy which is still at my parents’ house. I have here the hand-colored edition I gave to my grandma.

  IMG_4124 IMG_4125  IMG_4126 IMG_4127

 IMG_4128 IMG_4129 IMG_4130

Note: We never got to sleep in caves or eat at Denny’s.

My second book, A Taste for China: English Subjectivity and the Prehistory of Orientalism, is coming out from Oxford University Press in a month. I think my parents were the very first people to pre-order it. When I visited my grandparents last month, my grandma took me around their apartment complex and introduced me to everyone we saw as “the one who wrote the book.” I received my copy yesterday.

Photo on 13-03-27 at 12.48 PM #2

It also has words and pictures. I dedicated it to my parents.


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