Not a special post.

Although this is the last post of February’s blogathon, I will not try to make it a “special” post in any way, both because I want this month of daily posting to serve as a springboard for more regular, sustained activity in these virtual pages, and because I’m typing this on my phone standing in the cold waiting for a bus to take me home after a very, very long day (up with the baby, feeding, daily ablutions for both of us; the routine crisis of Dressing For Work; several hours with D running to various government service centers around town trying to get all our paperwork up to date; two hours of dealing with various teaching-related issues, some routine, some very unpleasant; four hours of preparing a lecture on “Labouring-Class Poets”; three hours of delivering that lecture; and, now, a long bus-stop wait and a long bus ride home to a glass of whisky).

But let it be said that class was fun (AND gave me the opportunity to say, “I actually have a book coming out on that topic,” which I’ve been waiting to say my whole life), and so was the blogathon, so hearty thanks to Freeze-Dried for inviting me to participate. The Procrastination Salon needed some reimagining, and I’m beginning to get a sense of the kinds of thoughts it might accommodate for the next stretch of this life.

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