Bus thoughts.

I realize I’m kind of limping my way to the end of my month of steady blogging. One of the things this exercise has taught me is that I do not, in fact, have great patches of squandered time littering my days that might be co-opted for more “mindful” activities. What I do have are Essential Duties and Responsibilities that are variously resistant to being displaced to another time, with varying levels of attendant stress and anxiety over the question of their completion.

I’m writing this on the bus ride home, in part to distract myself from thinking about What Wasn’t Completed Today (And Will It Be Completed Tomorrow, Or The Next Day, Or Ever). If you banish these thoughts from the bus, will they simply resurge in an even less welcome manner, like in the insomniac hours? I do not know. But another thing I’ve learned this month is that, given the wonders of iDevice technologies, the bus is not a bad place from which to blog. Which is good to know.

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