Blogathon cheating.

I’m afraid we may have to take a mid-month blogathon hiatus. We have two birthdays coming up (Daisy turns 5 tomorrow; R turns 1 next Monday), and this being the week before McMaster’s “reading week” (i.e. “spring break” in the middle of winter), I’m buried in a deluge of student work and student meetings and midterm preparation and general course-related everything. I’m beginning to appreciate one of the functions of a midterm break: to give everyone an opportunity to panic about how the term is progressing, well before the term is coming to an end.

Anyway, I’m still attempting my kind-of social media fast, so I’ll still use this space to share the kinds of pics and fleeting communiqués I would normally broadcast elsewhere. I’ll probably broadcast them elsewhere too. Who am I kidding.

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