I started this LiveJournal eight (!!!) years ago. I was living in Providence, trying to finish a doctoral dissertation—back then, this thing was called Zugenia’s Dissertation Procrastination Journal. No need to summarize all that has changed since then, even if that were possible, since LiveJournal has helped me keep a serviceable record of these strange, busy years.

I’m not exactly closing up shop, but I’m relocating. I have a lot of affection for LiveJournal, which remains, hands-down, the least slick blogging platform available, but at this point it has also become unusable. I have to manually filter too much spam, and considering how infrequently I post, it’s amazing that at least 75% of the time I try to use the site it is down. The existing blog will remain, but this is the last time I will update it here.

From now on, you’ll find me a https://zugenia.wordpress.com/. I’ve managed to import this whole thing (minus anything in specific LJ code, like embedded videos) to WordPress, to maintain some semblance of continuity.

See you there.

2 thoughts on “Migration.

    • I just used the regular import function in WordPress (under Tools) — it worked remarkably well and included all the comments (including a bunch of spam, unfortunately).

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