Ruby’s first piano.

D bought Ruby a little red piano.

She’s been channeling her inner Liszt.

The piano makes me feel better about letting her hair do its Romantic genius thing.  One of her daycare teachers is some kind of baby hairdo wizard so she always comes home with it under control.

2012-10-23 17.24.34

But sometimes we gotta roll our sleeves up, let our hair out, and see where the evening takes us.

2012-10-25 18.02.07

One thought on “Ruby’s first piano.

  1. Wait, she isn’t a baby anymore! How did this happen? She’s so adorable!! Look at that smile!!

    My 2 year old has “romantic” hair, and I’ve been learning what to do with it. I’ve moved from the little fountain hair when she was Ruby’s age, to cute pigtails and pony tails now. Lately, I pull the sides out of her eyes into 2 little pony tails and leave the back long and curly. It’s so adorable! And, even better, I’ve learned to do it while she fidgets and usually while she’s running around the room or playing. 😉

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