Notes at almost four months old.

The number one game we play around here is called "Should We Feed This Baby?"  The rules are that the answer is always YES, LEST SHE STARVE.

Sunday we took Ruby to see the Picasso exhibition at the AGO.  She is quite taken these days with trees and, after a day walking around Toronto, skyscrapers, but she slept through most of the Picasso exhibit.  Apparently she is not an advanced enough baby to appreciate what all the museum posters kept impressing upon us: that Picasso is a GENIUS.

Certainly his GENIUS with the ladies is on display.  There's this drawing he did of Dora "The Weeping Woman" Maar as a harpy, which he lovingly dedicated to her.  But I do love how much Picasso apparently enjoyed the beach.

Me: Do you think Picasso liked the beach because he could stare at people's bodies?
D: I don't think Picasso had any trouble staring at people's bodies when he wanted to.

Okay, enough talk.  Here are some pictures of the baby.







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