Things my baby can do as we enter week 10:

  • take a bath without screaming
  • say "ooo," "ohh," and "guh" as if they mean something
  • smiles
  • rage
  • spit bubbles

In a couple of weeks I go back to work.  After being with R practically 24/7 for two months, the idea of leaving the house without her for even a few hours is bizarrely unnerving.  But I have discovered that I radically overestimated the amount of work I could do at home now that she's here, which is to say that I thought maybe I could do any work at all.  So I'm doing a kind of Couch-to-5K approach to reentering the working world, where I practice letting D feed her once a day and be first responder while I dust off the several writing projects needing immediate attention, find the keys to my office, and gradually rebecome the kind of person who showers daily and speaks in words.

One thought on “Guh.

  1. I use “guh” all the time. It’s a multi-purpose word of great dexterity. “Guh, I need to brush my teeth.” “Guh, that’s the best coffee I’ve had in weeks.” “Guh. I really should shut down the computer and go to bed.” “Guh! I found a ten dollar bill I didn’t know I had in my pocket!” “I’m feeling really guh today.”

    You should try it. It beats having to think of the actual right word.

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