Notes from Week 3.

  • 2 weeks and 5 days: The point of motherhood wherein I figured out how to put on one of those 50-foot-long baby wraps effectively, left the house TWICE wearing the baby, and decided that, under certain conditions, it is actually acceptable for a grown-ass woman to wear slippers as shoes out in the world.
  • That night: Between the hours of 9pm and 9am, my baby demanded to be fed an average of once an hour.  From my body.
  • 2 weeks and 6 days: The point of motherhood wherein I decided that shirts are, at best, optional.

Here is what my lovely baby did not look like last night:

Here is me doing my impression of a Competent Mother:

Here is Daisy Mae demonstrating that her favorite spot is still In My Lap, On The Baby:

In case you were wondering.

7 thoughts on “Notes from Week 3.

  1. I remember those feeding nights. My son was born on the first day of the US Open. I think I saw every single match that was televised that year… 🙂

  2. I can’t see the pictures!!!

    What kind of baby wrap do you have? I looked at Baby Bjorn, Infantino, Mai somethings, and some others I’ve never heard of before. I didn’t buy anything. I wasn’t even sure if I could use them yet–new baby is 6 weeks old.

    • I have the Maman Kangourou, which is a Canadian wrap similar, I think, to the Moby Wrap. I also have a Baby Bjorn, which is approved for newborns 8 lb and up, but Ruby (just under 8lb) seems a little small in it to me. The wrap is pretty complicated, but once you figure it out it works beautifully. Here’s a video — I’ve used both “tummy to tummy” and “cradle hold” with her:

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