8 thoughts on “The future is now.

  1. Welcome future baby now

    Your baby is such a beautiful baby, but she has such gorgeous parents, she can only be beautiful. And, she looks so smart and looks so intently. Believe me when I say that I have many years seeing babies come into the world: my babies, my sisters’ babies, and all those that I either delivered or helped delivered before I changed professions and became a teacher and your baby has the eyes of brilliant child.

    And, having raised my two children with our Tippy-dog, I can tell you that Daisy and the baby have many years of loving each other. My son and Tippy were so close and there were times that my boy would be in the floor and Tippy would be his pillow and when my boy would eat his snack, Tippy would get a bite here and there, so your baby and your Daisy and you and D are going to have a long and wonderful life together. So, welcome future baby who is now.

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