Dear Futurebaby.

Dear Futurebaby,

As I understand it, if you were to emerge now, you would be a 100% complete Right Now Baby. Something I did not know until my own adventure in pregnancy is that due dates are more like due months, and as your so-called due date is two weeks from now, we have officially entered the zone in which you are pretty much as likely to decide to be born any day in the next four weeks as any other day in those same four weeks.

I am told that first babies tend to decide to come out later rather than sooner.  However, I would like to point out that if you are indeed feeling snug and content in there, and not just wet and squashed, at this point your comfort is inversely proportional to my own.  I know—it's a while before you are to be expected to think of the needs and desires of others in comparison to your own.  But come on out and we can begin the glorious process of turning you into a person.  It'll be fun!  Seriously, there is so much awesome stuff out here you don't even know about.  Like food, and puppies, and sensation.  Also, I would like to see your face.  You don't even know what a face is, but you have one, and I have one.  Looking at a face will add a whole new dimension to these little chats of ours; you'll love it.  Come out and I'll show you.

In summary: it's been an interesting ride, futurebaby, and a not entirely unpleasant one.  Thanks for being a courteous tenant.  And now, please be born.  Mama wants a bourbon.

4 thoughts on “Dear Futurebaby.

  1. drink the bourbon

    The baby is developed and has all its nerves and all of that. A little bourbon will be good for you and for it. As long as you just don’t like get falling down. Cheers.

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