4 thoughts on “It wants to be REAL.

  1. You know, and this may seem weird, but after my babies were born, that was thing I missed the most–all the jumping and kicking and hiccuping and tumbling, and stretching. After the babies came out, and my uterus went back to its former size or as close as it could get to its former size, my abdomen felt so empty. And even now, when I say a woman great with child, I feel a little phantomish sort of pain. I think pregnancy and childbirth are activities that truly are love/hate. We love the ability to carry a child, love the child, but hate the way our body betrays us during pregnancy, child birth, and for a while afterward. And,when we grow past those child bearing years, and our children have children, we sort of have this phantom ache of–you know–what those little embryos and fetuses felt like and those sweet little baby kisses and toddler kisses and child kisses, and up until the kids become teenagers and turn into these hardly recognizable beings. The good thing, it doesn’t last long and then they are grown. Sigh. And the phantom aches don’t last long either because all the pain comes running back and we go–no I didn’t just think that. Okay, it’s not that bad but close.

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