My lazy unconscious.

Last night I dreamt I had the baby and it was a girl and it was evil.  It was like two days old and it wouldn't breastfeed and it could talk and it kept demanding pizza.  I couldn't get it to keep its shoes on and it was taking them off on purpose.  It didn't try to harm me or D but it hated us and it wouldn't stop insulting us. 

I guess I dreamt I gave birth to a teenager.

2 thoughts on “My lazy unconscious.

  1. bad dreams

    OMG, you had a teenager!!!
    Joking aside, I remember having terrible dreams about having a baby that had vampire teeth and barked like a do. Before I had my son, I dreamed that I had this beautiful baby girl and I bent over the bassinet to pick her up and she bit my hand and when I pulled my hand away, the blanket fell off and she had a square penis.
    strange dreams are realy common in pregnant women. Just, when you are dreaming, try to remind yourself that this only a dream.

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