Futurebaby’s summer vacation.

So my unborn child's first few months of existence were spent in the body of a wine-deprived academic trying to revise her first book while staving off alternating waves of nausea and intellectual self-doubt.  Having lived in the same body, I can tell you that it was less than prime real estate.  Hence, in the spirit of that noble institution, the American family summer vacation, whereby parents attempt to compensate for the inadequacies of the everyday life they have provided their children with a week-long period of enforced Togetherness under a tyrannical order of Mandatory Fun, I hope my week on a pig farm in rural New York supplied enough in utero positivity to keep this child from being permanently warped by me before it even graduated to the second trimester.

Things I did with you, Futurebaby, so you would know that life does not consist solely of despairing in front of a computer screen:

I walked you along country roads:

I took you to Robert Frost's house for a dose of American literary culture by proximity (we arrived at closing, so this was as close as we got—I hope it was enough):

I took you to the races, so you would be familiar with the momentary thrill occasioned by a $5 bet on a horse with a great name and long odds:

I finished the latest installment of the Song of Ice and Fire, which is probably the last time I'll read that series with you without having to edit out the sexy bits, so I hope you enjoyed it:

I enjoyed the company of chickens:

And pigs:

And kitties:

And family (minus your Aunt Emma):

(Also, see above: I fed us pie.)

Shushan, NY is, I believe, one of the areas badly affected by flooding after Irene.  This is how I remember it from a couple weeks ago.  Fingers crossed for a swift recovery.  Also, thanks to my mom for the photos!

3 thoughts on “Futurebaby’s summer vacation.

  1. I forget…there are parts of this state that are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for reminding me. My favorite area is around the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario.

    This area is downstate from where I am (in Central NY) and there was a LOT of BAD STUFF due to Irene down that way.

    And, futurebaby is very lucky to have a momma like you, I think.

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