Tipey typey type.

You will never guess where I am, so do not even try.  I am on an heirloom pig farm in the middle of nowhere, New York.  My being here is due to my parents, who, in addition to bringing me forth into this world, which is to say, into a state of being anywhere, also decided that it would be fun to have a family vacation on a pig farm.  And it turns out (despite my sister K’s deep and, I think, continued suspicions) they were right!  It is lovely here.  There is a little apartment in a renovated barn that is basically a luxury kitchen and bathroom with a bed and a porch.  There are chickens ranging free.  There are pigs and a Viking stovetop on which to cook them.  What more do you need?

To come here, I had to leave right in the middle of revising my wretched book, which might actually have been a good thing, because Friday I was like this:

That’s right, bitches.  Allie Brosh drew a picture of ME. (ETA: Not really.)

11 thoughts on “Tipey typey type.

  1. I am totally jealous–of the comic. So. cute.

    I used to own a pig farm. Why oh why didn’t I think to make it a resort destination? Have you seen pig dances yet? They are so cute!

    • We asked this morning, though I’d forgotten the term “farrowing crates,” so I’m not sure if we got the answer. He said they “keep an eye” on the pregnant pigs and try to “round them up” so they give birth in a designated area, but that occasionally one will have piglets “out and about” and they have to go and find them as soon as possible.

    • I am going to ask about bronzing one to take home as a souvenir. Here is what they say on the website:

      “Our pigs are Large Blacks, Gloucestershire Old Spots, and Tamworths. These breeds are quite old and now rare. Pork from these breeds is more moist and has a better flavor and texture than the pork from conventional hybrids.

      It may seem odd to use rare breed pigs for pork, but these breeds simply will not survive unless a market for these animals can be created. Already 6 of the 15 breeds of pigs raised in the United States in the 1930s are extinct.”

      I am growing heirloom tomatoes at home, and the most successful ones so far are Yellow Zebras. D was hoping I might find some Yellow Zebra pigs here. No luck so far.

  2. Very nice. Washington County is, in fact, the Middle of Nowhere. But you are close to the spot where pie a la mode was first created. There was (may still be, things don’t change that much up there) a little lunch stand in Salem where it was first served. When the society folks got back to NYC, they visited Delmonico’s only to find it wasn’t served there. They shamed the place into serving it.

    The other “attraction” in the area is the Salem Opera House.

  3. Also, while you’re in Washington County, check out Owl Pen Books. Google for information; you may have to call for directions. It’s an old farm on a dirt road. Each of the outbuildings holds a particular subject area. Well worth the trip.

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