Summer catch-up, in photos.

I suppose getting through a first trimester of a first pregnancy without spilling the news is a pretty good excuse for slacking off on the blog front, but it does leave one in the awkward position of having to make a re-entrance.  When I was growing up, when this kind of writing happened in notebooks, I would leave the last one two-thirds empty and start a new one.  This makes for hauling around a lot of paper-bound memories that consist primarily of blank space. 

My mom scanned and sent some of the journals she was keeping in Taipei, late 1976, when she was pregnant with me.  It kind of inspired me to keep a pregnancy journal, which I began to do on my iPad, and which so far consists of exactly one entry, dated a couple of days before The Sickness hit.  If I had thought to write down anything in the weeks following, it would probably have been something along the lines of OMG WHYYYYY and THIS FUTURE CHILD OWES ME MY LIFE BACK, so it’s probably for the best that these things get swept away with the sands of time.  I have a theory that human reproduction depends heavily on the body’s ability to forget agony, which would suggest that faithful journaling of the experience is counterproductive to humankind.  During the month of July, I also conceived a theory of natural development called Sadistic Design, which I believe will lend itself nicely to educational theme parks.

For the record, I am feeling much better.

In the absence of written documentation, I thought I’d give a brief summary of summer 2011 with selected photos from my iPhone.  At the very least, this will provide some evidence of the range of Hipstamatic lenses I’ve accumulated: 

Summer Roundup Photo Album

(If Google is acting wonky, as it was while I tried to put this album together, there’s a backup album at Flickr.)

Locations include Riverdale and Manhattan, NY; Fayetteville and Crossett, AR; the Mississippi Delta; Oxford, MS; Nashville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg, TN; Monticello, VA; Buffalo, NY; Mystic and somewhere else, CT; and Hamilton, ON.  Making appearances: D, Daisy Mae, Daisy’s and Lady Z’s shadows, Ramey and Laine, Doug and Austin, Shelia, Lady Z, swans, seedlings, Ophelia, Big Bird, and Kathryn.

8 thoughts on “Summer catch-up, in photos.

  1. Shame on Dolly Parton!???

    I like your notion of sadistic design.

    And if you thought morning sickness was bad, get ready for BIRTH. I don’t think the body forgets agony, I think it is other women who just recount the joys but don’t mention the ‘other stuff’ in an ‘i survived it, and so should you’ kind of twisted herd mentality.

    When someone starts saying ‘no one dies in childbirth anymore,’ hit them with the closest object.

    (((hugs))) and cheers.

  2. What great news! Congratulations.

    I applaud your decision not to record the minute details of the first trimester. It was a long time ago, but I remember that this was not the best of times for the mother of my son. Failing to record the birth was one of our better decisions.

    I am happy to hear that there will be at least one reader in the next generation.

  3. One of my uncles desperately wanted to name his little brother Ernest Tubb when he was born. He wasn’t successful in his bid, but he did manage to get the middle name to be Ernest.

  4. gestation

    After four pregnancy and two births, I can tell you that none of the four were a like. One I was tired for four months, another I had morning sickness, and another I had both, and one I had no symptoms. So, really, we may remember but it is so different that we cannot really dread. Even the actual birth was different–painful, yes, but so different with my two that I carried to term.
    I am so happy for you and believe you and D will be wonderful parents.
    jeannie waller

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