Let the spring eating begin!

When I moved from Fayetteville to Hamilton, everyone I knew in Arkansas expressed sympathy concerning my climatic future.  I have tried not to think too much about the difference between Fayetteville weather (generally perfect) and Hamilton weather (generally depressing) because when you move somewhere and then complain about it people tend to think you are a drag and they are correct.  I cannot help but observe, however, that when D and I left Hamilton two weeks ago for a trip down south, it was freezing; when we arrived in Fayetteville, it was sunny and delightful; that the weather remained persistently perfect during the drive across Arkansas and then back north; that the rain started pouring as we came within a 50-mile radius of Hamilton; and that it has been cold and rainy since our homecoming on Friday night, with no break in the forecast.  Also, the Canadians reelected Stephen Harper’s government during our absence.


At least the crappy weather makes me feel less bad about being behind in starting up the vegetable garden.  I weeded half of it on Saturday, discovering in the process that last year’s oregano has returned with a vengeance, and that the onions I thought died upon last year’s planting are not dead, indeed are flourishing.  Even one of our chard plants (or possibly a collard?) has sprouted back up.  And since the bulk of my weeding was focused on giant dandelions, I figured there was no reason to wait to plant the garden before we started eating the garden.

Last night’s dinner:

Dandelion greens sautéed with garlic, red pepper, and lemon juice.

Lemon-yogurt potato salad with surprisingly undead spring onions.

Plated up with chicken baked in a garlic and sun-dried tomato crust.

Over the weekend I also turned all the frozen scraps and wilting veggies in the kitchen into enough soup to last the week, and opened today with a dandelion-pancetta frittata.  So things are copacetic if cold. 

3 thoughts on “Let the spring eating begin!

    • Re: Lemon yogurt potato salad

      Have not found Italian lemon marmalade yet. This salad was tweaked from a recipe I found in Epicurious (originally from Gourmet?):

      Boiled a bunch of mini red potatoes until tender. Cooled in cold water. Quartered them and tossed them with this:

      1/2 cup plain yogurt
      2 tbsp mayonnaise
      juice of one lemon
      chopped green onions
      salt & pepper

      That’s it! Very tasty.

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