Spring thaw.

Friends!  I have made a wondrous discovery.  So Sunday I am running a race in Central Park.  A race, people.  4 miles.  This is longer than I have ever run at a stretch, so my main goal is just finishing come hell or high water.  As a strategerie toward said goal, I have decided to abstain from alcohol for the week leading up to the race.  This very mature approach just happened to coincide with my coming off of the SSRI I started taking in grad school, right around the time I started this blog, in fact, lo, so many years ago.  I told my Canadian doctor, "Yeah, so I was depressed in grad school and they gave me these pills and I’ve been taking them ever since."  And he grimaced and said, "You are from America, aren’t you?"  This happens all the time here.  We decided that I can try not taking the pills.

Since Saturday I have thus gone without two of my three preferred chemical Life Assistants, and have kept number three, trusty Coffee, to a minimum.  Saturday I was cranky.  Sunday I was a horrible bitch.  Monday I just felt kind of bored.  And then Tuesday!  Here is my discovery.  There is something about Day Four.  Last night, I slept soundly, dreaming wonderful, vivid dreams in which I made amends with all the people I no longer speak to as a result of various awkward Incidents and Occurrences.  I woke up refreshed after exactly eight hours of sleep.  Out of bed, healthy breakfast, made my own coffee, did the dishes.  Ran down to Dundas to take care of all the things I’d been putting off indefinitely—had my bangs trimmed, made copies of the house key, bought gardening supplies.  The sun is out and it is almost gardening season!  Even bought a bamboo palm for the front room, because it is so green and planty.  Hit Facebook and Liked everything everyone has to say; all my comments have exclamation points!!  Thought, I have plenty of time for a nutritious lunch before my dentist appointment later this afternoon.  Dentist!  Two fillings—my head will be so healthy!!  Then I went into Evernote and organized all my research notes for projects past, present, and future.

It was about then that I realized I needed to record this all, as I am likely never to have a day like this again.  How often can one expect to get high off one’s own uninhibited brain?

In other news, I finished my book. 

7 thoughts on “Spring thaw.

  1. Yes, we Americans love to throw pills at stuff. I love the progression of days. I love the birds chirping, sun shining, peace and joy you describe 🙂

    And ohmyword, you finished your book! Congrats. And good luck on the race.

    Nancy Reagan would be so proud.

  2. my favorite

    lady, this is my favorite salon post evah. it is so good that it deserves a hyperbole and a half illustration.

    in other news, i am so happy you have finished your book. congrats.

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