Lynn, laughing.

This past week, my mother-in-law Lynn passed away due to complications from a sudden case of pneumonia.  The entire family was blindsided.  D and I had just seen her during our family trip to Colorado, though our time with her was limited by the fact that I got so sick.  We’ve spent the past couple weeks traveling back and forth between here and Arkansas; over the last week in particular, it seemed the airline industry was conspiring to make an already unbearable situation even more impossible.

We’re shocked, exhausted, and sad in ways I’ve never experienced before.  And yet, every time I think about Lynn, I picture her laughing, like she is in my favorite family portrait from our wedding.

She must have endured us all with amazing reserves of good humor.

We miss her terribly, and we won’t stop. 

7 thoughts on “Lynn, laughing.

  1. Lynn

    I only had the opportunity to meet her once, and she was so funny and kind and friendly, she even made me an honorary Jenkins for the day. My heart goes out to you both, but kudos to you for remembering her in the light she would most want. Even now from somewhere better she will still be there to laugh with you guys at life’s foibles.

  2. I am so very sorry to hear this. It’s always hard to lose a beloved family member, even when expected. To have it occur suddenly and unexpectedly makes it that much more difficult.


  3. Oh, Gena. I am so sorry. As someone said to me when my dad died, “this sucks.” There is no other way to describe it. I love the you’ve written this entry, though. I didn’t even need the smaller version of the picture to know who she was. I love the shot, and that that is how you’re remembering her.

    Weeping with you,


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