Colorado dreamin’.

After a full Christmas Day in transit, D and I arrived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where we will spend the next week skiing with his family. I don’t know that I’ve ever slept at this altitude before; I woke up feeling like I’d been freeze-dried. I remember two dreams:

1. My mom, sister K, and I are in my apartment, which is also my dorm room. My Aunt Ellen shows up to watch some MTV awards show with me. Christina Aguilera is singing some song and we discuss how she was always the one with the good voice, which is what one says about Christina Aguilera. I say, “Yes, she was the one with the pipes.” Ellen says, “But now the steam has gone out of them.” I try to show her the video for “Ain’t No Other Man,” but the screen of my laptop has gone all wavy and Chrome’s search function is delivering bizarre results. My mother decides we need food, and she and K and I gather our bowls and leave the building. We try one Chinese Food Shack but they are filming a commercial and shoo us away. I can tell my mother is annoyed because she makes a big show of going to the Chinese Food Shack next door and ordering in Chinese. A large young man agrees to fix us something. He takes three large fish, a pot of rice, and some large seedy melons and makes them look like what you’d expect from a Chinese Food Shack. K is angry because she has been trying to tell us that she doesn’t like melon, and no one was listening. Now there is melon in everything and it is inextricable from the Chinese Food. It is just how things are now. The young man tells us this is a recipe inspired by “Kurosawa’s mountains.” Trying to make peace, I tell him that K and I have always wanted to go there.

2. Eminem is promoting his new album about his years of living on the street, entitled “No Hobo.”

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