Movie review haiku.

Is Lady Z’s semester over?  Hahahahahaha.  That means no.  Behind on two book reviews; 300 first-year English exams coming in tomorrow afternoon; still haven’t gotten the book to the publisher—the one that was promised for July 2010.  Going to have to cram in a little “holiday”—driving to New York for Christmas Eve, flying out to Colorado on Christmas Day to ski with D’s family, flying back in on New Year’s Eve and driving back to Hamilton by Jan. 2 for the new semester.  OY.

One of the most stressful things about these kamikaze holidays is having to sneak in work that has to get done, despite the fact that, as everyone insists on reminding you, you shouldn’t be doing work over the holidays.

Given the tenor of the semester, I’ve had little time for extracurricular writing—hence the low level of Salon activity.  We have, however, thanks to D’s fortuitous employment at a local college, been able to upgrade our home entertainment situation, and thus have been watching movies.  No time for full reviews, folks, no time, so I’ve decided to do all my movie reviews for the indefinite future in haiku form.

Red Desert (1964)
Industrial gloom’s
got nothing on this crazy
lady’s awesome shoes.

Repulsion (1965)
She doesn’t want your
penis in her; she’s clearly
crazy. Eh, Roman?

Das Boot: The Director’s Cut (1981)
It’s surprising how
devastated one can be
by Nazi anguish.

Total Recall (1990)
What I want sometimes
is for every movie
to be this movie.

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