In which Lady Z goes to Disneyworld.

Sorry, folks—it’s been all business this summer, no procrastination.  I guess I did take a week off to go to Disneyworld with my in-laws. 

The stars of that trip?  My nieces:

Ashton eyes Pluto and Goofy. by zugenia 2.0.

My niece is a ROCK STAR. by zugenia 2.0.

Alice and Harriet attempt to control the storm with interpretive dance. by zugenia 2.0.

And Penny (pictured here with her dada)!
Nick and Penny by zugenia 2.0.

We saw Goofy and Pluto (who bears a striking resemblance to Daisy Mae, especially in the old cartoons).

And the Giant Golf Ball:

And wild aminals!
Macaw by zugenia 2.0.

I think we all agreed that Splash Mountain was the best ride.
Splash Mountain is maybe the best ride ever. by zugenia 2.0.

Though D was obviously most at home at Hollywood Studios.
My husband blends right into Hollywood Studios. by zugenia 2.0.

Stay tuned for more lazy picture posts, intermittent complaints about writing and heat waves, or nothing at all.

(Full Disney photo set here.)

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