So it turns out that the past three days given to “rest,” which is what one does to recover from the flu, were actually devoted to incubating a mean-ass case of strep throat.  I finally went to a doctor, who told me my throat was “full of pus” (lovely) and that my head “must feel awful” (oh it does, thank you very much).  It’s in my throat, ears, and sinuses.  I’m on antibiotics that should make me start to feel better right around after Christmas.

So, barring a miracle (’tis the season!), it looks like no Christmas in New York for me.  Maybe we’ll go down right after.  Maybe I’ll just sit around in Hamilton feeling sorry for myself.  Right now I can’t do much but fantasize about removing my own head from its bodily stalk with a hacksaw.  My stupid, stupid head.

4 thoughts on “Blurgh.

  1. oh, sweetie. I am so very sorry. Feeling the way you do, you wouldn’t have a good time anyway.

    I’ll bet Daisy Mae is delighted, she gets to have her person with her!

    I hope you feel better sooner rather than later.

    • Thanks for the well wishes. Daisy is pretty psyched to have me around all day, though she does not understand why I’m not as excited to play the drop-the-slobbery-toy-on-mama game as usual. And I’ve got some SERIOUS winter dog-walking to make up with D when I’m recovered!

  2. Get better FASTER!

    I’m yelling at your infection — go away, leave Gena right now!
    What a terrible time to get such a horrible infection, and so contagious too, just awful.
    I hope those antibiotics kick in quickly, and that you can visit your family soon.

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