Daisy, Daisy.

Today, while I was at work and D was walking our dog on the golf course, Daisy was chased by AND IN TURN CHASED BACK one of Hamilton’s resident coyotes. In the middle of the afternoon. Broad daylight. D was sitting on a bench while Daisy ran herself silly, and at one point she came running out of a copse of trees followed by another dog that was not another dog at all but a COYOTE. Who was HUNTING MY DOG. And Daisy, of course, thought they were playing, so when the coyote caught sight of D and turned tail, Daisy Mae RAN AFTER HIM OH MY GOD.

It is very fortunate for my sanity that I heard about all this after the fact, after Daisy had come running back from the coyote den all tails and smiles thinking that she had had a healthy romp with a little feral friend.

In honor of my THANK GOD NOT DEAD AND DEVOURED BY A FREAKING COYOTE dog, I present a recording of the IBM 7094, which in 1961 became the first computer to sing a song when it delivered its rendition of “Daisy Bell.”

2 thoughts on “Daisy, Daisy.

  1. My son has a horrible fear of rabid coyotes. I have no idea why, since even though there are LOTS of coyotes around here, I’ve never heard stories of a rabid one. But he is still terrified of them. And I’m not sharing this story with him. 🙂

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