In defense of emoticons.

From Snarkmarket:

Vladimir Nabokov, inter­view with the New York Times, 1969:

How do you rank your­self among writ­ers (liv­ing) and of
the imme­di­ate past?

I often think there should exist a spe­cial typo­graph­i­cal
sign for a smile–some sort of con­cave mark, a supine round
bracket, which I would now like to trace in reply to your

: )

Thanks to Laine for the share.

3 thoughts on “In defense of emoticons.

  1. Wikipedia, the source for all things scholarly, says typographical emoticons can be traced back the mid-19th century.

    By the way, “73” mentioned in the above link is still in active use among us hams.

    73 de N2YGN. 🙂

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