11 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Gah! Rampant apostrophe abuse! This person should be stoned at once!

    But really: government recipients? Everyone is a government recipient in some form or another. Do you drive on a paved road? You’re a government recipient. Do you have concrete sidewalks in your neighborhood? You’re a government recipient.

    And P.K.? Doesn’t that stand for “preacher’s kid”? It did when I grew up.

  2. loud mouth women is my favorite i think.

    also, it took me forever to figure out what “high fullutent” was.

    and what does this guy have against pigs?

    I notice, too, that perverts are on there, but oddly not child molesters and child abusers, rapists, or murderers. I’m surprised vegetarians didn’t make it on there either.

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