In which Lady Z needs milk.

It would be the day I compel myself to make a full pot of coffee first thing in the morning* that I discover we are out of milk. It is Monday. I teach until 9pm today. Also, we are drinking Maxwell House because we finally drained the summer stash of imported Community Coffee New Orleans Blend With Chicory. While I am simply listing things that come into my head as they come, do you know anything about Asian Canadians relying heavily on ketchup in their cooking? D and I suspect it is so.

In lieu of proper coffee, what motivates me this morning is the fact that my Favorite Ladies In The Internet Whom I Do Not Actually Know talked about my question on their podcast this weekend! FLITIWIDNAK #1 is SJ, author of I, Asshole; FLITIWIDNAK #2 is The Egg, author of What Ladder?; and their podcast is FYCL. I love them maybe more than it is okay for a grown-ass woman to love people she Does Not Actually Know. Listen to FYCL #9. My question is the one about Canada submitted by the person with my name.

*You may or may not know that I have a bizarre but thoroughly documented aversion to making my own coffee in the morning, preferring coffee to arrive in my hands having been made for me by a higher, benevolent power, such as my husband, ideally, or, in a pinch, a competent barista.

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