One thought on “Tweet roundup.

  1. oooh, Campari & Soda. Any particular kind or just soda water? You know what else is good? A modified Vesper Martini (unless this actually has a name) with Campari. Try 3 measures of gin (for this I actually prefer Tanqueray 10), 1 measure vodka, and 1/2 measure Campari, shaken, served very cold with a lemon slice or twist. Now that I’m thinking of it, I CANNOT believe I don’t have a bottle of Campari. This also makes me think of The Life Aquatic–“Klaus! Campari! Rocks!”

    I cannot sleep in the heat. I lived in an apartment that had central air, only the only vent was the size of my foot and the landlord would not allow the windows to be open (she actually drove around at night to see if the windows were open), and one night it was nearly 105 degrees in there. She told me opening the windows did not allow air to circulate. I didn’t have the $ to move, nor do I know why I didn’t sue her. I feel your pain, sister.

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