Notes from mid-August.

Have discovered that sleep in a heat wave occurs in desperate 3-hour intervals, if at all. D and I had a few drinks before bed last night in a concentrated attempt at drowsiness. It turns out one can be too hot to feel any effect of intoxication whatsoever. We have every fan in the house trained on our bed. I woke up at 4 from a dream in which my sister Kathryn hosted Saturday Night Live (to fair acclaim) thinking, for real, that I was in the engine of a plane.

One thought on “Notes from mid-August.

  1. When I lived in Milwaukee, I didn’t have air. A neighbor suggested that I put a a bowl of ice in front of the fan. Surprisingly, it created a cool breeze. It wasn’t cold, but it allowed me to fall asleep. Also, drinking too much when it is hot only makes one more miserable. I tried that too.

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