In which Lady Z considers the animal kingdom.

Anonymous, i.e. Auntie She-She, has complained that my blogging has become lazy, and, as usual, she is correct. I do not promise to address this problem.

Today D and I went to the Toronto Zoo with his aunt and cousins, who are visiting this week. Here is what we learned: sting rays are gluttons for attention and heavy petting; the creepiness of cockroaches is directly proportional to their size times number; red pandas are the cutest damn things since snow leopard cubs; camels are goofy; giraffes pee a LOT in one go; and Siberian Tigers are now called Amur Tigers, and they are also invisible.

Tomorrow night we’re meeting some friends in Niagara Falls. If you never hear from me again, it means I won big at the casino and decided to start a new, more glamorous life. Or that I’m too lazy to post anything. But probably the new, glamorous life thing.

10 thoughts on “In which Lady Z considers the animal kingdom.

  1. Toronto Zoo is one of the most wonderful places on Earth. I am so glad that you got to go there.

    Do they still have the Raptors’ demonstration? One time when I was there, an owl buzzed the bleachers. It was great! My companion nearly lost bladder control.

  2. I envy your trip to the zoo. I need to take the kids to the one in Waco again. For a small city, it’s really an amazing zoo. We went once in the spring, and all the animals were, um, frisky. We saw lions do it, giraffes do it, and even some monkeys that we weren’t quite sure about….guess there was something in the air that day!

    • Yeah…the last time I went to the Bronx Zoo (the summer I graduated from college — over 10 years ago, OMG) there was a baboon masturbating right up in front of the glass viewing area. My sister and I spend a good 20 minutes watching parents deal with that one in various ways. I love the zoo.

  3. I’ve been to the Waco zoo. I really enjoyed it. Lady Z, thanks for taking the time to share. The family and I are going to the zoo tomorrow. I’ll blog all about it.

  4. Blogging

    I am glad that Auntie She-She has brought this lightened summer activity to your attention. I wish you would reconsider your negated promise to change. Do you remember a trip to the Toronto Zoo when you were kids?


    PS How do I get the label “Greg from Riverdale” on my responses to your blogs?

    • Re: Blogging

      I *do* remember! I need you to tell me if we indeed got to ride an elephant on that visit. When we rounded a corner into the African region, I suddenly felt certain that there would be elephant rides in the pen to our right — but, instead, there was a giraffe hanging out.

      I think you need to register with LiveJournal, under user name Greg_From_Riverdale. It doesn’t mean you have to keep a blog, though you could do that as well. 🙂

  5. I feel your pain re: tigers. We went to the LR zoo last weekend…tried to go in the Future Penguin Exhibit, but were ultimately barred from viewing the future penguins.


  6. I google read your blog, except that I don’t until it gets to something like 10 new reads, then I check to see if there is any posts other than your tweets. If not, then I just mark as read ’cause I read your tweets on twitter, and I was never one for rereading, excepting special, privileged reading material, like say Tristram Shandy or an exceptionally funny lolcat (even then I probably don’t have any more new reads).

    Also, if you start a new glamorous life, do you anticipate being famous? Because if so, I could just read about you in the trash mags–you know, like Britney Spears, only much classier–and there would be no need for blogging or blog reading.

    I’m just sayin’


    • I’m working on the fame thing. I recently got my first negative feedback on, so I figure it’s only a matter of time before TMZ catches up with me.

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