From Twitter 07-06-2009

  • 10:27:24: @TyrelDenison Just hope they never join forces with the dreaded Forever 21 Ass Mannequin.
  • 14:51:26: I have apparently ordered my office painted the exact neon blue of a trashy seaside motel. I’m so American.
  • 18:07:01: I’m about to spend $10 of our last $30 til Friday on a box of wine.

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3 thoughts on “From Twitter 07-06-2009

  1. ooooh, what are you going to buy? i like the franzia sunset blush and sangria. or do you have to buy “no name” boxed wine up there for now?

    • I’ve been drinking French Rabbit cabernet since landing here . Technically not a box in the tradition of Franzia or my beloved Bota Box, but cute and tasty.

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