Moving in: part whatever.

So, the generic brand of everything at the supermarket (the only stuff we can afford right now) is called “No Name,” which means that all our food comes in packages that say “Sans Nom,” which I keep reading as “Without NOM”—which is the last thing you want your food to be.

In other news, I spent a full hour on the phone yesterday with AT&T—correction: with NINE DIFFERENT REPRESENTATIVES of AT&T, from who knows how many countries—trying to cancel my service with them so I can sign up with the iPhone provider up here (Rogers). 24 hours later, I have no phone service at all because I can’t figure out with my meager, amateur hacking skills how to unlock my iPhone so that it will work with a non-AT&T SIM card, and I refuse to pay someone else to do it because it blows my mind that neither AT&T nor Apple offers this service so that someone may legally move to Canada and continue to use their product. Seriously, Apple, you are on my list today.

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