Tweet roundup.

  • 09:48 Dreamt about Providence last night. The city, not the spiritual achievement. #
  • 10:16 I am L-block dyslexic in Tetris. #
  • 13:41 Conway Starbucks; back on the road. #
  • 14:44 H8 u Dodge and yr crappy trucks with broken air conditioners. #
  • 14:53 “All You Can Eat FOOD BUFFET” #
  • 18:44 Salmon fettucini with lemon wasabi sauce. Phase one of Operation Eat All The Food Stashed In The Kitchen Cabinets By Moving Day. #
  • 21:13 ❤ Bota Box #
  • 22:38 Never liked team names that are not plural nouns, i.e. The “Magic” #
  • 22:41 On the other hand, I really wish Cleveland were the Dancing Cavaliers. #

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One thought on “Tweet roundup.

  1. ooh, i like this, the “dancing cavaliers.” thinking of lebron james in a leotard and tights makes me all tingly inside.

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