From the Creative Colonization files.

Via Futility Closet (thanks to D for the link): an excerpt from the 1791 will of an English gentleman who had been sent unwillingly to live in Tipperary:

I give and bequeath the annual sum of ten pounds, to be paid in
perpetuity out of my estate, to the following purpose. It is my will
and pleasure that this sum shall be spent in the purchase of a certain
quantity of the liquor vulgarly called whisky, and it shall be publicly
given out that a certain number of persons, Irish only, not to exceed
twenty, who may choose to assemble in the cemetery in which I shall be
interred, on the anniversary of my death, shall have the same
distributed to them. Further, it is my desire that each shall receive
it by half-a-pint at a time till the whole is consumed, each being
likewise provided with a stout oaken stick and a knife, and that they
shall drink it all on the spot. Knowing what I know of the Irish
character, my conviction is, that with these materials given, they will
not fail to destroy each other, and when in the course of time the race
comes to be exterminated, this neighbourhood at least may, perhaps, be
colonized by civilized and respectable Englishmen.

Quotation from Virgil McClure Harris, Ancient, Curious and Famous Wills, 1911.

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