In which Lady Z tries to get a grip, and largely fails.

So Arkansas is doing that weather thing where it’s 78 sunny degrees one day and 34 bone-chilling degrees the next day and I am not even exaggerating for effect, this is actually how warm it was yesterday compared to how cold it is today, and I’m having the kind of day where I can’t not take it personally. Walking into work, I tried to go over my mental to-do list and figure out what has already been accomplished this week and what remains to be done, and I remembered doing several things that I hadn’t even thought to put on the list, like redeeming a $5 coupon at Nightbird books and making a phone call to someone I know from somewhere and having a breakthrough insight on a conference paper I was writing, and then as I approached campus I realized that all of those things happened in dreams. This was a very disorienting realization, not only because it suggested that my dreams have been overtaken by my mundane life, but also because if my dream-life becomes categorically indistinguishable from my mundane life, then it’s going to be very difficult to sustain a realistic sense of which mundane tasks I’ve actually addressed and completed for actual real.

One thing is certain: I have had neither dream nor actual lunch, and I am hungry.

I also dreamt last night that I couldn’t decide whether the midterm exams I’m giving tomorrow are too difficult or too easy, which is the same thing I was thinking about while awake just before falling asleep and just upon waking up, so I’m not even sure what the point of being awake or asleep is anymore.

In other news, it’s my mom’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!) and my niece Penny was born this morning (HAPPY BIRTHDAY PENNY!!).

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