In which the world makes no sense.

Can anyone explain to me why I must take time out of my busy Monday to go to Bank of America to discuss INSUFFICIENT FUNDS FEES THAT ARE BEING CHARGED ON A CHECKING ACCOUNT THAT NO LONGER EXISTS???

No. No one can.

11 thoughts on “In which the world makes no sense.

  1. They are vampires. Take garlic too.


    P.S. those captcha things make me want to say something spamish….but I won’t.

  2. OMG! I’m having the same problem! i can’t understand how they can be sending checks out after i closed my account! i hate them so much. grrrrr. i totally feel your pain.

  3. Bank of America is the devil. I formed that opinion sometime in the early 1980s and have yet to find reason to change my mind.

    Good luck! (And take Zoe with you when you go. No one messes with Zoe.)

    ETA: Never mind about Zoe. I forgot that userpics don’t show up on your journal….

  4. I can. Because the banking industry, as a whole, is staffed by incompetent fucktards.

    Every day I get just that little bit closer to the mason-jar-under-the-mattress plan. (Given the amount of interest the account gets, we wouldn’t be losing all that much…)

    • oooh, xterminal–maybe you should think about a firesafe or putting it in the freezer. i’ve heard horror stories from the olden days with the under the mattress thing–you know in the unlikely event of a fire. a friend of both mine and lady z’s apartment went up in flames over the summer. you know, just in case…

      funny because i had the same thought myself last night in the car–about mattresses and mason jars and money.

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