A simple question.

When you find your keys—which have been missing for about two weeks—in a place you’ve searched at least ten times, does it mean you … have gnomes? are the object of a conspiracy? are completely insane??

6 thoughts on “A simple question.

  1. I forgot to tell you that the little man who used to live in my apartment wanted to stay in Fay, so I dropped him at your place before I left town. He’s known to do things to make you think that you are crazy. Sorry 😦

    Oh, and you are crazy, but that has nothing to do with this situation.

    Sweet Voice C

  2. ah, you should be careful about gnomes. as those loveable little south park guys have shown us, what the gnomes are really after are your underpants. be careful.

  3. Not gnomes. Gremlins. Gnomes are relatively benign, at least in my experience. Gremlins, however, are malevolent little creatures who should be exterminated with extreme prejudice.

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