Dreamy dreams.

I dreamt early this morning that I was lying in bed lulling D to sleep with a lecture on the motif of “gratuitous conflagration” in Tristram Shandy. Of course, in my dream, Tristram Shandy included a famous barn-fire scene, so it made a lot of sense.

Then I dreamt I woke up and needed coffee but the cafeteria was temporarily shut because a maintenance worker had eaten peanut butter and turned out to be allergic to peanut butter so this girl and I borrowed a few bucks from another girl and went to the subway station where we had to pay for one-way fares just to get inside to buy coffee in those Greek paper cups they used to use in New York and the girl said her father always told her to drink as much coffee as possible when you’ve paid full fare because it’s part of what you’ve purchased.

3 thoughts on “Dreamy dreams.

  1. dreams

    Okay, so I had one of those weird dreams too. Mine had to do with walking across the arkansa river and buying groceries and someone calling the store and asking for me and telling me they had taken pictures of me and I was going to be fired and I started to hyperventilate and my hubby said stop that and he threw our groceries into the river and my bag of cheetos went floating by and I couldn’t reach them. And all that without one hint of drugs.

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