In which Lady Z gives thanks.

I’ve been having a pretty blecchy week, for reasons both personal and professional not worth going into, and was sitting here privately feeling sorry for myself about the nonstop stream of student conferences I was in the middle of, when one of my students made a point of saying how much she was enjoying our seminar, and another actually gave me a Thanksgiving card thanking me in detail for all the things he has learned from me this semester. I swear to god, it was, I believe, my first actual Hallmark moment. I have been moved right out of my slump into heights of counter-gratitude.

So, as we move toward Thanksgiving week, I’d like to extend a general, heartfelt thanks to all students, past, present, and future, for making my job so extraordinarily gratifying even when it seems like it sucks.

I’d also like to thank Tristram Shandy for being so totally wonderful and always a joy to talk about.

4 thoughts on “In which Lady Z gives thanks.

  1. Yay Tristram Shandy! If nothing else, it enabled me to scoff at people who found Midnight’s Children a bit too odd. Actually, they make an interesting pair, if you’ve got room in your syllabus for a few centuries of digression.

  2. giving thanks

    I stayed in Alabama, and while I wasn’t bummed out about it, I was wishing I could see my loved ones in Missouri and Arkansas. I went totally non-traditional and made tacos on Thanksgiving Day. More importantly, I watched When the Levees Broke. I cried, I ranted at the TV, and I swore to not take what I have for granted.

    It was a happy Thanksgiving indeed.

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