8 thoughts on “Awwwwww yeah!

  1. You know, I am not a very emotional person usually, but now, more than 24 hours after we know the results, I find myself weeping…a couple of these pictures did it to me again. But what really did me in was when Maya Angelou was on CBS yesterday morning. You can see it here if you missed it.

  2. Thanks for the link.

    Yesterday it was all euphoria (except for the name calling). I think these pictures really bring home the reality of something I am so proud to say I had a part in. Today, they make me teary. Happy tears. Hopeful tears.

  3. Yes. Number 12, especially.

    Although I think I’m still really upset about some of the questions in California, and a question and my local election in Florida…

      • So, as demonstrates — yes, but it’s kind of ridiculous and unenforced already. The Miami Herald explains that “This provision has never been enforced and probably has been unenforceable all along. The amendment gets rid of this language. It was approved by the Florida Legislature in an overwhelming bipartisan vote.” — my guess is that it was defeated because people didn’t understand the language and were scared off by the idea of granting aliens rights.

        We also, of course, banned gay marriage. Oh, the USA. As at least the Herald is willing to admit, this probably results at least in part from the fact that the two groups which showed unprecedented force in this election, blacks and hispanics, voted for Obama but were conservative in their social policies.


      • Well, here in Arkansas we voted solidly for McCain (myself NOT included) AND we passed an act prohibiting unmarried couples — which includes ALL gay couples, who are ineligible to marry — from adopting children. Jesus god.

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